Our specialities

Since 1953, the same values have inspired the Astoux & Brun establishments, namely, offering you high quality, fresh products, sublimated in the expert hands of our chefs and served in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Our attention to detail working in your interests

As our motto states: “We prefer to do without a product rather than serve something of poor quality.”

It is our insistence on fresh, top-quality local products that has made our seafood restaurant a true institution in Cannes.

Our permanent aim is to treat you

We pay particular attention to your seafood platters as our main aim is to please you.

Every day our restaurant relies on local producers. Each day Astoux & Brun selects from the fishermen and regional gardeners, especially those from Forville market, products that will bring bring your plates to life and delight you.

We create and produce succulent dishes to offer you a wonderful culinary voyage.

To finish your meal with something beautiful, our pastry chef dreams up and creates desserts that will make you salivate.


A wide choice of seafood

We have various ways of treating you; specialities from the sea, Mediterranean cuisine as well as local specialities.

Oysters, mussels, langoustines, fish, lobsters, shrimp, salmon, shellfish and crustaceans (cooked in our kitchens) and many other products are chosen and prepared with passion for you.

To sample or take away

There is not only a Brasserie and a seafood Restaurant at Astoux & Brun, but also a shop selling take away meals where you can buy a wide choice of oysters, shellfish, fish, crustaceans, seafood platters or ready-cooked meals.

Our team can share tips with you to delight your taste buds and those of your guests.