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Review 1:

Seafood specialist

The seafood platters that are served in this restaurant are undoubtedly excellent! We used to go there in the 1980s. Returning to Cannes after 10 years away, we made sure of going back there… and it is just as wonderful as ever. That goes for the service as well as the food on offer. It is reassuring to see that a temple to seafood has not lost any of the qualities on which its reputation is based.

Review 2:


An institution, professional service and the certainty of fresh products. We had a seafood platter, Gilardeau oysters which were divine, whelks and shrimp. Always very good.

Review 3:

The very best of the best in seafood

A must in Cannes! The seafood and the oysters in particular are excellent! Staff very friendly, not to mention David… The emblematic figure on these highly renowned premises!

Review 4:

The oyster seller of Cannes

Astoux et Brun is an institution in Cannes. Established decades ago in the vicinity of the harbour, this property is well known as the best seafood restaurant in the city.

Their secret lies in the choice of provenance of the shellfish and a huge turnover guaranteeing freshness. Its “bistro” atmosphere is friendly but the tables are small and close together.

It’s not possible to book, you need to get there early or be prepared to wait.

During conferences, the restaurant is taken over and you have to queue.

When this happens, you can switch to to their second, more traditional, restaurant nearby which accepts reservations.

Review 5:

An excellent lunch and fast service

Lunch is plentiful, excellent and home made. Staff are friendly, smiling, dynamic and service is fast. We chose fish couscous and sea bass grilled with vegetables, but there were also some lovely seafood platters. All this was very good value for money with unparalleled freshness since the fish market opposite the restaurant belongs to the owner of the restaurant.

We will definitely be going back to this restaurant when we next come for a visit.

Bravo to the entire team.